On the occasion of the death of the astronomer in December 2012, a FB post by Stephen Slater of a video which he had edited for « The Sky at Night » featuring John ZARNECKI.

Sir Patrick was kind enough to give an interview for our BBC FOUR film ‘Destination Titan’ discussing the time when John Zarnecki first appeared on the show talking about the Huygens mission… it was the first sequence I edited and one of my favourites… he brought so much to our film, even in this very brief cameo. He will be sorely missed… a true national treasure

John commented: « Who is that young man? I don’t recognise him!! I do remember being terrified as it was my first appearance on S@N. It was in a big studio in White City BBC Centre. We had a pre-agreed script which we had rehearsed. But Patrick wouldn’t allow the tele-prompter so we had to do it from memory. So when the cameras rolled, and my brain turned to jelly, I forget some of the agreed answers. But Patrick remembered it all – and he threw me extra questions to squeeze out what I had forgotten. That gave me enormous confidence that at least he knew what was supposed to happen. By the time I did my 12th appearance with him, it was just like chatting to a friend.»

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