European Space – Neuenschwander

The world of space exploration is rapidly changing, and Europe simply cannot afford to be a passive bystander. The recent publication of Revolution Space: Europe’s Mission for Space Exploration, a report by a High-Level Advisory Group, emphasizes that countries and regions that do not secure independent access to space and its autonomous use will fall […]

Environmental groups v. SpaceX

By Steve Gorman REUTERS published 1/5/2023 May 1, (Reuters) – Conservation groups sued the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday, challenging its approval of expanded rocket launch operations by Elon Musk’s SpaceX next to a national wildlife refuge in South Texas without requiring greater environmental study. The lawsuit comes 11 days after SpaceX made good on […]

Starship – analysis ArsTechnica

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas—It began with a bang, as big things often do. On Thursday morning, with clearing skies overhead, SpaceX’s Starship rocket slowly began to climb away from its launch pad. Fully laden with about 5,000 metric tons of liquid oxygen and methane propellant, the largest rocket ever built needed about 10 seconds to […]

Juice journey flybys

While the launch of JUICE will certainly be an exciting and critical event in the mission timeline, what occurs after the launch is, perhaps, some of the most important events of the mission. Following the launch, JUICE will spend eight years traveling through the inner solar system, performing four gravity assists to raise its aphelion […]

Background Starship docs

ArsTechnica On Friday afternoon—after much angst and anxious waiting by the spaceflight community—the Federal Aviation Administration issued a launch license to SpaceX for the launch of its Starship rocket from South Texas. “After a comprehensive license evaluation process, the FAA determined SpaceX met all safety, environmental, policy, payload, airspace integration and financial responsibility requirements,” the […]