“I sometimes liken my body to the water being boiled in a kettle that eventually turns to steam. When my body disintegrates, you may say ‘Thich Nhat Hanh has died.’ But this is not true. I will never die.

My nature is the nature of the cloud – the nature of no birth and no death. Just as it’s impossible for a cloud to die, it’s impossible for me to die. I enjoy contemplating my continuation body, just as the cloud enjoys watching the rainfall and become a river far below.

If you look closely at yourself, you will see how you too are continuing me in some way. If you breathe in and out, and you find peace, happiness, and fulfillment, you know I am always with you, whether my physical body is still alive or not. I am continued in my many friends, students, and monastic disciples. I am continued in the countless people all over the world whom I have never met but who have read my books, listened to one of my talks, or practiced mindfulness with a local community or in one of our practice centers.

If you look with the eyes of signlessness, you will be able to see me far beyond this body.”

Thay, from The Art of Living.

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