Mes années à LBC / IRN à Gough Square, Londres? Posts sur Facebook by Mark Easton – « Following on from my previous post (down below). Here’s another IRN News Editors’ conference – possibly Sheffield 1977 ». Collègues dont je me souviens bien en rouge.

I’ve managed to identify – and confirm – everybody in this photo with the exception of two.
L-R: Peter Thornton (IRN), Unknown (1), Phillip Bacon (LBC), David Addis (Radio 210), Bryan Wolfe (Capital), Trevor Curtiss (Swansea Sound), Ian Rufus (Hallam), Alan Brook (Pennine), Malcolm Carroll (Plymouth Sound), Ron Onions (LBC/IRN), Colin Livesey (IBA), Mike Best (Tees), Roy Saatchi (City), Unknown (2), David Maker (City), Brian Sheppard (BRMB), Maureen Hunter (Hallam), Tom Steele (Forth).

Can anyone identify the two remaining ‘Unknown’ people (marked)? Unknown on left is Kevin Rowntree, News Director, Metro Radio .

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