Website containing latest videos and work examples of Martin Ransom, go-Ariane sarl.

All these videos, save exceptions as indicated, are copyright material belonging to the clients involved, namely the European Space Agency, ESA, and CNES, the French space agency. However this material and much more is freely available for viewing and download on the ESA Space podcast (see our links).

For broadcasters who might, per chance, be discovering material which they think they could use, professional quality video material is available on request from ESA Television, and probably also from CNES.

The videos are Macromedia Movie “.swf” files, clickable to start viewing. Some of them are of lower, archive, quality.

Note: In November 2008, ESA created its own UTube page with a selection of videos. Visitors to my site have alerted me to the fact that for some reason, original material that I have filmed and edited into the self-contained subjects on this site (as in ‘The Ulysses legacy’) is being republished (reader comment ‘slashed’) on UTube as cuts, often with inaccurate or misspelt headings. I have yet to understand why.

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